I was born in Padova, Italy, on March 19th, 1968.

I started playing pianoforte and violin at the age 6 but I left them at 10 to play the guitar.


In 1981 I enjoyed my first musical experience with the band “Magma”.

At the beginning my musical repertoire was inspired by classic rock (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) and then I combined it with my original songs.

In this period I had the opportunity to play concerts and for the first time I entered in a recording studio to record my first demo-tape.

In 1984 I joined an heavy metal band called “Swords” and I recorded my first mini LP, “The Black Opera”.

At the end of 1986 I left the “Swords” to enter in an Italian famous rock band from Padova “Serena Rock Band” founded by Franco Serena, who used to be the lead singer in the band “Ragazzi dai capelli verdi”, a beat group very famous in the ’60.

In the “Serena Rock Band” I was a minor but I had the opportunity to play with artists with great experience and I improved a lot my skills, thanks to the big concerts where I played in the north of Italy.

In 1989, with this band, I recorded the album “Like A Dream”.


In 1991 I temporarily left the “Serena Rock Band” to replace the guitarist in the rock fusion band “Reporter”, where stand out the names of Massimo Aiello, Tullio De Piscopo’s student, and Giuseppe & Nicola Sorato (Nicola is a session musician of great fame). Subsequently the name of the band changed in “Gate 4”.

From 1992 to 1995 I had a lot experiences with different band but the most important was definitely with a famous Italian band “Microdisco”. With the band I had one of the greatest experience of my life. We were the opening band for the Italian tour of Ray Charles. Thanks to his I had the opportunity to visit and play in some of the most beautiful stages in Italy like Sistina’s theatre in Rome, Pala Hilton Pharma in Ferrara, PalaRaschi in Parma, PalaRuffini in Torino, Forum di Assago in Milano and Rossetti’s theatre in Trieste.

From 1995 to 1997 I returned in the “Serena Rock Band”.

From 1998 to 2000 I played in a rock & roll band called the “Crazy Four”.


In 2000 I founded the “Sparks”, a cover band of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple but the band  broke up in 2005.

Since 2006 I’ve been playing in “T-Side”, a cover band of one of the my favorite band of all time, the “Toto”.

In this period I have played in the “Redsugarband”, a cover band of the famous Italian singer and songwriter, “Zucchero Fornaciari”.

In 2016 borned the “MFP”, a trio band composed by my me and some of my oldest friends, where I play music from my favorite artist and music written by me.


My favorite kind music is Rock in all of his shades like funky and pop, especially blues.

My favorite guitarists are: Steve Lukather, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, Micheal Landau, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Santana, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Micheal Cusson (Uzeb), Larry Carlton, Eric Clapton and some others. Anyway, I prefer melodic guitarists that have the ability to create strong emotions on the audience.