Fractal AX8 Help

Q. For Fractal AX8 Users: The sounds is very bad, like the wha is ON

A. I use Mission Engineering Pedal SP1: Toe switch on EXP3, pedal on EXP4 to drive Wha and Volume.

You have to adjust the settings of your pedal in the proper way as described in the pictures below

If you don’t use external pedal please disable Wha and Volume block


This is the procedure to save the embedded IR in the presets with non factory cabs.

1) After you imported the preset save it immediately , AX8 will ask you where to save the CAB from Scratch Pad,

Click on “Scratch Pad 1 area and select user memory location (i.e U060)

2) come back to the preset, select CAB Block. You can see it is selected Scratch Pad Memory 1. Thank you have to select the User Memory location where you have saved the IR (i.e. U060)

3) check the preset than save it!!

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